Valentine’s Day Downloads

Happy almost Valentine’s day!

Since our wedding anniversary is in January and we do gifts for that, we usually go more simple for Valentine’s day. We used to go out for dinner, but ever since we had kids (and it was near impossible to go to a restaurant!) it has kind of become our tradition to get a heart shaped pizza for dinner (so I don’t have to cook!) and watch a  redbox movie at home, and I love it!

I wanted a couple fun and simple things to do for Valentine’s day so I created a new coloring page! These would be a fun craft at class parties, or just to spend some time together after dinner.

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Also an “i love you because…” page. I created these 4 to a page and they are the perfect size to stick in your kiddo’s (or anyone else’s) lunch box, or it would be totally cute to make a bunch and put them on their door when they wake up on Valentine’s day. I also wanted them to be big enough for kiddos to use for other family members, even the ones that can’t write yet have enough room to draw a picture!

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I hope you enjoy the downloads and have a wonderful Valentine’s day!!


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