Two of my favorite books on marriage

Over the weekend my husband and I celebrate 12 years of marriage! (Well, we didn’t really get to celebrate because he was out of town for guard, but we will eventually!) In some ways it seems like yesterday and others it’s like I can’t remember what it was like not to be married! We met in jr. high (our lockers were next to each other) and started dating in high school. When we got married I was 19 and he was 20.

We were young, but it was the best decision I ever made… (and together we did make some not so great decisions…like most people in their 20’s)

So much has happened in 12 years! We had a lot of time apart in the beginning. He went to basic training and then was deployed for a year. We have gone through college (for him) cosmetology school (for me) job changes, “almost moving to florida”,apartments, dogs, cats, two houses, more home improvement projects than I can count, vacations, having twins, and all of the good times, and bad in between!

Very early in our marriage we joined a “young married couples” bible study. We were in that group for years! We made geat friends and had the best leaders to look up to and model our relationship after. Now, I’m not an expert on marriage, but from that group I have two favorite resources that I feel have had a huge impact on our relationship. I recommend these to couples all of the time!

The 5 love languages

This is a very popular book. (The kids version is awesome too!) it is so important to know how your spouse feeels love, it makes things so much easier. In case you have never heard of them before, here they are!

1.physical touch

2.words of affirmation

3.acts of service

5.quality time

Love and Respect

This book has a study guide to go with it and I feel like I can still go back and review the things in this book over and over again! I think Jesse would agree that this was the BEST marriage study we have ever done. Understanding the “crazy cycle” is seriously life changing!


So, that’s all I have for this short post! Just wanted to share some books that I love with you! I had planned on posting this on Friday to do a “Friday favorites” but, now it’s a Tuesday favorites!




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