Port Adventures for our Disney Cruise

Part 2 of our Disney Cruise experience is…Port adventures! The list of activities you can do at each port is long! There is really something for everyone whether you have kids with you or not. You can also choose to book an activity not through the cruise line, or not even get off the ship at a specific port.

For this Cruise we stopped at 4 ports. Mexico, Grand Cayman, Jamaica, and Castaway Cay (pronounced Castaway Key).


kid photography at its finest!

This was our first stop. We did not do a port adventure here. We just got off the ship and right next to the port there was a mall so we walked around and then ventured out a little so the kids could see some of Mexico. The mall was filled with the normal touristy shops with Mexico T-shirt’s and stuff, but there are also a bunch of hand made shops.

I have to say these shop owners are intense! They are on you and follow you trying to get you to buy their stuff! It made me very uncomfortable, so needless to say we didn’t stay off the ship for long.

Other people that actually did adventures in Mexico said it was great!

Grand Cayman

For our next stop we decided to do a beach day. We didn’t plan anything ahead of time, we just got off the ship and grabbed a taxi to the beach, rented some beach chairs, and relaxed. Cash built sand castles and enjoyed Alice enjoyed the super clear beautiful water!

it was overcast all day, but still pretty views

This beach was fun for Alice and Cash since their only experience on a beach has been a couple of times in Florida with seaweed filled water and rough sand. They were amazed with the super soft sand and clear water!……until it started raining! We got a decent amount of time at the beach before the rain so we just packed up and headed back to the ship!


This is one of those places that I have always wanted to go!  I really don’t know why, I just have. Falmouth Jamaica is the most beautiful place I have ever been! I would love to go back to explore more of the island!

This was our one big port adventure we planned ahead of time (well, Jesse did!). We took a shuttle to our first stop at Dolphin Cove. We spent the morning here, they have a little “zoo” with bunnies you can hold, a giant lizard, and birds you can feed! The kids LOVED it!

*total side note that I feel like you all need to know….I HATE BIRDS!!! lol! The kids wanted to go in to feed the birds so I was like “ok, I’ll go in and take pictures”. Guys, when I walked in one of the workers put bird food on my back!!!!  All of these birds start landing all over me! I was freaking out! meanwhile, the kids are just feeding birds, not concerned with me!!

Obviously I declined this photo opportunity!

After that traumatic event we had to get ready for our dolphin encounter!

This was so fun! We got to kiss the dolphin, dance, and hold him…..and they wouldn’t let me take pictures! They have their own photographer and they want you to buy them….for $200, so needless to say, we have our memories of the dolphin encounter, and not pictures!

We had a little extra time to swim before our next stop.

The hot tub that wasn’t actually hot

Then we went back on the shuttle to head to Dunns River Falls! This was the coolest thing we have ever done with the kids! I highly recommend it. We had a guide that took us up the falls with a big group.

this was right before we saw how big the waterfall was.

I will say that standing at the bottom of this massive waterfall my thoughts were that we made a mistake booking this…and there is no way Alice is going to do this! Those were pretty much her words when she looked at me too!

But, we were there and we were going to conquer it! We gave a little “you can do it!” pep talk….and little motivation in the form of a bribe!

We told them we could get a huge ice cream when we got back on the ship if they made it all the way up!

Once we started climbing everyone started to be more confident.. soon, cash said “I can do it myself! I don’t need your hand!” The waterfall wasn’t just a straight up climb. Well, some parts were, but there were places we stopped for pictures, to enjoy the water, and push each other in!

I do not think Cash has ever been happier than when our guide said “push dad in!”

The entire climb took us about an hour, and we made it! I think Alice and Cash gained so much confidence from the experience and it was a whole lot of fun! I definitely want to do it again!

That was the end of our day in Jamaica so we headed back to the ship!

Once back on the ship, this was their promised reward! This was HUGE! it had 6 scoops of ice cream, 5 toppings, whipped cream, and a cherry! We all shared it, and it was plenty!

Castaway Cay

The last port for this cruise is Disney’s private island! I love this place! It is great for many reasons!

Since it is a private island it isn’t very busy. Your lunch is included at the restaurants on the island, and it’s so good! There is an adults only beach (we went there on our last cruise) and huge family beach ! They have so many activities… snorkeling, tube rentals, bike riding (those are an extra charge, but super reasonable) water slides, character meets, dance parties, and a kids club that you can check the kids into for activities.

We all had so much fun here! We played at the beach, ate yummy food, and we (Jesse and I) even got to ride the huge water slides while the kids were playing in the kids club!


Well, that’s all for our port adventures on this cruise! (hopefully we will go on many more adventures!) I think that is why a cruise is so awesome, you could go on the same cruise again and do different port adventures for a completely different vacation!

If you have any questions about our adventures or planning your own cruise, leave them in the comments!

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