Meet the Family

I thought that since this blog is centered around my little family, I should probably introduce you to them!

First I have my first born (by 1 minute, but she will make sure you know it) Alice.  She loves anything artsy… dancing, singing (She is going to be the next Taylor Swift, or so she says!) . She really enjoys cooking and baking, and any craft project you give her! she can make friends where ever she goes! I’m sure this girl is going to run a company one day with her strong spirit. Although that strong spirit makes my life more challenging these days, I hope she never loses it!

Next up is Cash! This kid has more energy than I have ever seen! It takes everything I have just to keep up with him every day! He is absolutely hilarious and lives to make people laugh. He loves anything out doors, playing tag, playing sports of all kinds, and loves legos! He likes watching movies and loves spending time cuddled under a blanket on the couch! He says he wants to be a fire fighter, or police officer when he grows up.

Last, but not least, my husband. Jesse and I have been married for 11 years (just little babies when we got married). He is a software engineer, and also is in the National Guard. This is the man that makes all of my crazy DIY ideas come to life( don’t get me wrong, he has some crazy DIY ideas too!) . He can YOUTUBE his way through anything and I’m amazed by it. He is also my vacation planner. I’m horrible at planning vacations (except Disney!) but he loves the research!


So, that about sums up my crazy little family! Thanks for joining our adventure!

P.S. all of our family pics are from Anew Market Creations.She is a rock star! If you are in STL and need an awesome photographer check her out!



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