How this BLOG came to be


So I have to say this whole blog idea actually came from my husband (Jesse). He has told me countless times “you should start a blog!” and honestly every time he said it I brushed him off. I was intimidated by the idea, because its a lot of work! (and what if no one reads it?) and honestly I thought I didnt have anything to offer.

About 6 months ago i really started thinking about blogging, researching, and thinking of what I could write about.  In short my blog is about my life . That includes many different craft projects, DIY house projects, making t-shirts, traveling, motherhood successes and fails, and so much more. So when i was trying to come up with a name I asked my best friend since forever and she immediately said ” you know when your husband come home and asks …. SO, What did you do today?” and I don’t feel like there could be a more perfect title. My husband asks me that question every day when he gets home from work (and as a stay at home mom the answer changes every day) and now that my kids started school I would find them asking me the same question when I picked them up from school!


Shortly after I became a stay at home mom I needed something to do that was creative and fun and for me. So Jesse bought me an embroidery machine ( I LOVE T-SHIRTS and always thought it would be cool to make my own) so i started making baby items and ended up starting a little in home business, soon the popularity of vinyl tshirts came into play and i switched from embroidery to vinyl and recently i was able to purchase some screen printing equipment and my business transitioned again to screen printed tees that i design myself.  so I’ll be sharing new tshirt designs with you because who doesn’t love a cute tee with some yoga pants?

Besides making tshirts I love trying new craft projects! I find people always say “I wish I could make that” and I’m thinking …its so easy! I can show you!  So I hope to share fun tutorials on here for some of my favorite (and my kiddos favorite) crafts and any new ones I find along the way!

And then my husband. I don’t think he has ever met a DIY project he was afraid to try. Every time i come to him with another crazy “do you think we can do this” his response is usually “I’ll find it on youtube”. Through our projects we have gained some knowledge, but we are by no means professionals. So I hope you follow along to see some fun DIY house project ideas that are hopefully successful, but I’ll share even if they aren’t so you can avoid our mistakes.

and, well…everything else motherhood… good books or bible studies I like, any good products i find,  all of our adventures on vacations ( we love vacations…and cheap vacations are the best!) . Being a mom I often feel like I have no idea what I’m doing, I’m just trying to figure things out one day at a time!

So thank you for joining me on this crazy journey!




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