First grade, Here we come!


This summer was so much fun! We packed as much as we possibly could into these few months! We had so many pool days, six flags trips, play dates, and too many snow cones to count! Now we have to admit, summer is ending. While I’m super sad summer break is over, i am looking forward to having a schedule again… and also having some quiet time around the house! I love them dearly, but kids are LOUD!

Today was the first day of school. Alice and Cash are officially 1st graders! I’m still in denial that they are old enough to be in first grade! heck, I’m still in denial that I’M old enough to have 2 kids in first grade!

I always want them to be excited to go to school, so I’m trying to make the first day of school extra fun! Of course we have our first day of school boards (which are really just for me, I don’t think they really care about them) but they are still young enough that they don’t fight me on doing them!

AND… it was raining this morning so we couldn’t even take pictures outside!

They are just so dang cute! I just love their answers!


This year I ordered personalized cookies to put as a little suprise in their lunch boxes!


Cutest cookies ever, RIGHT?!….and did I mention they are YUMMY!? I ordered them from a local crafter in STL. Her business is Cookies for Christ by Miriam and she started only a few months ago raising money to go on a mission trip! How awesome is that?! The kiddos were so surprised to find them in their lunch boxes today! This will definitely not be my last order from her!

Then, after school they come running off the school bus talking a mile a minute about every part of their day! I really hope that never changes! I always want them to be excited to tell me everything! ….and then we get ice cream!

And there just so happened to be someone making the most awesome balloon animals there! A unicorn for Alice and an alien for Cash!

It was a great day for everyone! We love our school, and they love their new teachers! It’s going to be a great year!

do you have any 1st day of school traditions? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!



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