DIY Photo Canvas

So, I love the look of photo canvases, but to be real honest, I’m also super cheap! The only real photo canvas I own, was a mother’s day present from my first Mother’s Day (Which I think is my all time favorite gift). I also like to switch out pictures I have hanging on the walls with new ones (since I make my family take new family pictures every year!) so I can’t see spending that much on something I will replace in a year!

This is a super easy way to make your own photo canvas, and its so cheap you can change them out whenever you want! My friend Mandi (she is awesome!) taught me how to do this a few years ago and I made these two big canvases that I still love!

All you need for this project is your photo, canvas, black paint, modge podge, and foam brushes! I’m using an 8×10 photo and canvas in this project. (if you are doing a large canvas you can usually get “poster size” prints from walmart, sams, etc. for pretty cheap)

If your photo is the exact same size as your canvas you will want to trim a little off the edges so that the picture isn’t right at the edge. If you leave your photo right at the edge, it might start to raise off after a while.

Now that you have it the size you want you will want to put a thin layer of modge podge on the top of the canvas where the picture will go. After you have covered the whole thing you can set your picture on top and let it dry.

Next, you need to take your black paint and paint along all of the edges. You want to make sure all of the white on the canvas is covered.

Next you can use the edge of your foam brush to “feather” around the edges. I like to go on to the picture some so that it makes it look more blended, like the picture is part of the canvas. It’s up to you how far you take the black into your picture. I usually do about a half an inch.

You need to make sure all of the black paint is dry before you move to the next step. If any of it is still wet, it will get smeared on the picture in the next step.

Finally, you are going to do a thin layer of modge podge all over it. I use the matte version since I don’t want there to be glare on it when it is hanging on the wall. This will leave a texture on the picture once it has dried. So you need to keep that in mind when you are applying it. You do not want to have any clumps on it. This one i did smooth lines vertically on the picture.

It should look like this when you are finished….I know what you are thinking…this can’t possible turn out right, but trust me!

Now you just wait for it to dry….. and voila! You made your own photo canvas!!!

Super easy, right?!?!? Now go print some pictures and get crafty!



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