Back to school MOM!

So…this mom started online school! WHAT??? I never in a million years thought I would go back to school! After high school I went to community college for 1 semester (I didn’t even finish that semester!) and I quit because I decided I wanted to go to cosmetology school. I worked as a hair stylist full time until I had the kids and then part time for a while after. My plan was always to go back to work when the kids went to school, but when the time came that just wasn’t something I wanted to do anymore. 

When the kiddos were about two I started a little side business. I love being creative and I needed that to keep my sanity. It started out with my embroidery machine making personalized onesies, and then when vinyl tees became more popular i sold my emboidery machine and switched to vinyl. Then, the business progressed to screen printing shirts. I also did some sewing adventures Here and there too! 

I have loved being able to stay home, be crafty, and also bring in some money. As the kids are getting older I have been thinking more about what kind of career I would like to have when they are grown and out of the house. 

Why Graphic Design?

My interest in graphic design started about a year ago when I started trying to create my own T-shirt designs. YouTube was my BFF trying to learn all of the adobe programs. Finally, Jesse mentioned getting a certification. (This guy! He has always been so supportive with all of my crazy ideas….even when I called him from a convention in Texas asking him if I could buy a bigger embroidery machine that was thousands of dollars!)

So, with a lot of research I found some online programs to get a graphic design certification and I started about a month ago! The school I decided on is the New York Institute of Art and Design (NYIAD). They have so many certifications from interior design, to floral design, to event planning. So far I’m loving it! The program is self paced which is perfect because I can just set a day aside a get a bunch done While the kids are at school. My goal is to finish before the kids start summer break.

Doesn’t get much better than school in pj’s under a blanket!

What am I actually going to do with this certification when I’m finished??? I have absolutely no idea, well actually I have so many ideas that I can’t choose one! Obviously, it would help me create better T-shirt designs, or create other fun products, but I think I would also love to do some freelance work! So, I’ll see where this new adventure takes me!

Have you been thinking about going back to school or  want to learn a new skill??



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